Step 5: Development Application Submittal

Step 5: Development Application Submittal

The City will review your submitted development application and associated construction documents before granting approval to start construction. Various forms need to be prepared and submitted during this stage. 


Action Items:

  • Prepare the ADU Optional Zoning Review Application (CDD-0009)

  • Submit the ADU Optional Zoning Review Application (CDD-0009)

  • Obtain approval of the ADU Optional Zoning Review Application (if submitted)

  • Submit a tree permit (if applicable)

  • Finalize building design

  • Prepare and submit construction documents for plan review

  • Obtain approval of building permit

  • Pay the appropriate permit fee and other applicable fees


A building permit is required for all ADUs. No separate planning or zoning approval is required before a building permit application may be submitted.

However, if you would like Planning to review your ADU plans prior to submitting a building permit application, you may submit an ADU Optional Zoning Review Application (CDD-0009). The application is an optional, low cost-process to verify your application meets zoning standards before spending significant time and money on a complete building permit application. 

When a building permit is submitted, The Building Division will route your project to other City Departments and Divisions, and outside regulatory agencies for review of compliance with zoning requirements, building code, and other applicable requirements, such as water and sewer. This process is known as Building Plan Review. Once the Building Plan Review process is complete and it has been determined your project complies with all the requirements, you will be able to obtain your building permit to begin construction.


Application Step


Optional Zoning Review

1-3 Weeks*

Building Plan Review

Roughly 1.5-2 months

Building Cycle 1 Review

20 Business Days*

Building Cycle 2 Review (if required)

15 Business Days*

Building Cycle 3 Review (if required)

5 Business Days*


* Customer response time to corrections is not accounted for in this table

To learn how the online building permit submittal process works, please visit the link below:




Do you need to remove a tree in order to build your ADU?  Sacramento City Code requires a Tree Permit before removing a certain size and species of trees located on private property. Please visit our Tree Permit webpage for additional information.

    Tree Permit Webpage >>

New Address Requirement

All accessory dwelling units require a new address. A new address can take up to four weeks to receive.

    City Addressing Identification Guidelines >>

    Address Request Form >>


If you still have questions about the process, email or meet with a City Planner to learn more about the zoning standards and application requirements and process. You can email the City's Planning Division at or if you need in-person assistance, schedule an appointment at the planning counter by visiting this link. For questions about the building permit application and process, you can email the City’s Building Division at


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