Step 3

Step 3: Site Plan and Design

This step is to plan for and design your ADU by gathering information on your property, determine what type of ADU you want to construct, and review the development and building standards for your ADU.

Action Items:

  • Record size and dimensions of lot
  • Save copy of parcel map
  • Decide on what type of ADU you want constructed
  • Review the development and building standards of ADUs
  • Consult with as needed (i.e., City-Planning, Department of Utilities, Development Engineering, Urban Forestry, SMUD, etc.)
  • Finalize ADU design and selection

Gather Your Information

Gather information about your property, such as assessor parcel number (APN), zoning designation, parcel/lot dimensions. To find your property's zoning, visit the City's Land Information Lookup App.

To find your assessor parcel number and information about your lot size, visit the Sacramento County Assessor's Parcel Viewer.

Plan Your Site

Symbium Build is a web based zoning tool that helps all California homeowners determine if an ADU can be constructed on their property.

Symbium has incorporated the City's specific zoning requirements into their web based tool. This allows Sacramento residents to better understand if the desired placement of an ADU on their property is allowed.

Homeowners will need to produce a Site Plan that fully dimensions the property boundaries, all existing structures and impervious surfaces on the property, the proposed ADU, and the distances between structures and to property lines. This Site Plan must be drawn to scale and can be created digitally or hand drawn. Here is an example of a Site Plan:

Permit Ready ADU Plans

The City has developed Permit Ready Plans for detached ADUs that can be used by any resident. These plans are also uploaded to Symbium Build to aid in your site planning. These Permit Ready Plans meet all 2022 Residential Building Code requirements and are all-electric. Modifications to the Permit Ready Plans are not allowed.

Step 3: Additional Considerations

Learn more about water and stormwater considerations for your ADU and whom to contact with questions.